Running out of space? Don’t move house when you can just move up?

As long as your loft is suitable for conversion, PMR Building Contractors has the experience to do it professionally and efficiently. We’ll make your new roof-space, keep your house cosy in the winter and ventilate to keep it fresh in summer. We can help you find clever places for storage that leave you with maximum standing room.

So if you need an out-of-the-way office space where you can get on with work, a more private area for guests to relax or just an extra bedroom to accommodate a growing family, consider the extra space that might already be under your roof. Literally…

A beautifully designed, expertly engineered loft conversion could seamlessly extend your living area and give you and your family the breathing space you need. Maximising the potential of your property with a loft conversion can also improve the value of your home when you come to sell. All you need to do is decide who will have the best bedroom in the house, trust me you will all want to live up there.

From this

Loft Conversion Before - in blackpool

To this

Loft Conversion After in BlackpoolOutside of loft Conversion