Bring out the best in your property with renovations and refurbishments.

With superb craftsmanship and attention to detail, our refurbishment service is ideal for any property requiring quality restoration or alteration. If you’re looking to make a profit from a property you’ve just bought or if you want to reshape the space in your home, we can help. Even the simplest changes can ensure that space is put to the best effect, giving you the stunning result you need.

Have you considered:

  • Removing walls for a spacious, contemporary open plan layout
  • Changing the function of available rooms
  • Bring a bathroom upstairs or adding in a new downstairs cloakroom
  • Adding a partition to divide rooms up; creating a new space for a new purpose
  • Adding or moving windows to allow light in
  • Building in storage to fit your exact requirements
  • Changing the direction that doors open or even removing doors
  • Making ugly features vanish with radiator cabinets and housings for pipes and meters

That luxury Bathroom you have been dreaming of.

New Luxury Fitted Kitchen.

At PMR we have built a reputation on fitting beautifully fitted kitchen. From the very highest luxury kitchens to a budget range. The quality of the design and fitting is the same, exceptional. We discuss your requirements and work with you to select the perfect kitchen . We then get the kitchen designed and provide you with a kitchen plan and 3D photos, so you can see what your kitchen will look like. Your kitchen will then be fitted by are team of craftspeople.

Luxury Fitted Kitchen 1Luxury Fitted Kitchen 2Luxury Fitted Kitchen 3